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  • What is GOOD: Stories in Food?
    GOOD: Stories in Food is a Bristol-based organisation that aims to captivate and inspire food enthusiasts by showcasing the stories of ethical and sustainable producers, restaurants, retailers and projects. We achieve this through food and drink tours, video content production, corporate experience and hosting live events.
  • What activities does GOOD offer?
    Food & Drink Tours: Explore Bristol's diverse food scene with half-day city tours and full-day tours in the Avon and Somerset region, highlighting local businesses with ethical practices. Video Content Production: We create bespoke films for businesses leading the way in creating a sustainable food system, helping them communicate their stories effectively. Corporate Experiences: From dinners, to workshops, to day trips, we curate memorable and engaging experiences for corporate groups. Live Events: GOOD hosts and presents live food events and chairs panels.
  • Who is behind GOOD: Stories in Food?
    Florence Pardoe, an expert in food systems and communication, founded GOOD. With over a decade of experience, Florence is passionate about using food as a tool for social and environmental change, while celebrating the joy good food and drink brings us all. She brings a deep understanding of the industry and is an experienced host, interviewer and presenter.
  • Are there opportunities for collaboration with GOOD for businesses and organisations?
    Yes, GOOD actively seeks collaborations with businesses and organisations aligned with our mission. Whether it's featuring your business on our tours, creating compelling video content, sharing our knowledge and passion with your team through corporate activities, or collaborating on events, we're open to exploring partnerships that celebrate sustainability and ethical practices.
  • How can I stay updated on GOOD's latest activities and offerings?
    Stay connected with GOOD by following us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We regularly share updates, behind-the-scenes content, and promotions on these platforms. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive insights and announcements.
  • How can I get in touch with GOOD: Stories in Food?
    For inquiries or more information, feel free to contact Florence Pardoe at or call 07881 581841.
  • How does GOOD contribute to solving issues in the food system?
    GOOD addresses the challenges in the current food system by leveraging the power of storytelling. We celebrate ethical and sustainable practices, championing the independent and trail-blazing business who dare to take risks. By engaging people through stories and experiences we aim to inspire positive change and contribute to the narrative shift needed for a fair and sustainable food system.
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