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Team & Corporate Experiences

Welcome to the GOOD corporate experience.

Delicious, nourishing, unique gastronomic experiences that celebrate and support sustainable, local, and independent food and drink businesses, whilst helping you build relationships with your team and clients.

Why choose GOOD?


Local, Independent, Sustainable Focus

We take you on a culinary journey that celebrates the unique flavours of our region. Dive into the world of local, independent and sustainable food and drink businesses, discovering hidden gems and culinary artisans, making sensational flavours whilst being committed to ethical practices.



Engaging Workshops

Our in-house workshops are designed to empower your team with practical skills and knowledge about sustainable food systems. From farm-to-table insights to cooking classes with renowned chefs, your team will leave inspired and informed.

Team Bonding

Strengthen your team's relationships and collaboration through shared experiences. Whether it's a cooking challenge or a wine tasting, our experiences are designed to foster teamwork and boost morale.

Corporate Responsibility


Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility by supporting local businesses and sustainable practices. Your involvement with GOOD showcases your dedication to making a positive impact on the food industry and the environment.

Customised Experiences

We tailor our offerings to meet your specific corporate goals and objectives. Whether you're looking to reward your team, enhance creativity, or drive sustainability initiatives, we have the perfect experience for you.


Expert Guides

Our experienced guides and industry experts provide in-depth knowledge and engaging narratives, ensuring your team gains a deeper understanding of the food and drink ecosystem.


At GOOD: Stories in Food, we curate immersive food and drink tours, dinners and workshops that go beyond the ordinary. Our mission is to educate and inspire positive change in food systems and celebrate the best in local food and drink; all while fostering team cohesion, innovation, and a passion for sustainability. Whether you’re looking to reward individual team members, putting together a fun day out for your team, thanking a client or looking for an expert to deliver a workshop, we have the experience for you!

Just some of the amazing businesses we work with...

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Join us at GOOD, where every bite and sip is a step toward a more sustainable, ethical, and delicious future. Contact us today to start planning your next corporate event that leaves a lasting impression and drives positive change.

or call us on (+44) 07881 581841

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